Blue Patio | Hangzhou | China 绿城蓝庭 | 杭州 | 中国

Blue Patio | Hangzhou | China 绿城蓝庭 | 杭州 | 中国

The Blue Patio Project has a total area of 640 acres and a total building area of 660,000 m2. It is divided into Eastern Area of apartment buildings ranging from 8 to 18 floors, and Western Area with Mediterranean villas and townhouses. The project received several awards including National Garden Community of China by Hangzhou Daily and UNEP in 2005, Chinese Real Estate Project with International Influence by academic associations in 2006, Yearly Real Estate Project of China and The Most Prosperous Real Estate Project by various newspapers in 2007.


绿城 · 蓝庭总占地面积640亩,总建筑面积66万平方米,东区为8-18层景观电梯公寓,西区为地中海式庭院洋房及联排别墅区。2005年7月获由杭州日报、联合国环境规划署组织的中国

国家花园社区称号。2006年6月获“2006 ·  中国居住创新典范”之“国际影响力中国名盘”奖项。2007年由多家报刊媒体评选为“2007最值得期待十大新盘”“2007中国(杭州)年度楼盘”等。


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