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What we do | 我们可以做什么

Every experience we create is designed to ignite the imagination and move people emotionally, leaving a long-lasting, unforgettable impression. Passion driven with high goals, we create with love and attention (and plenty of coffee or wine drinking in-between). Over our 20-year history, Attractions International has designed and created world-class attractions, hotels and resorts, residential and mixed-use commercial projects on almost every continent with some of the world’s top brands including Sheraton, Fairmont, Shangri-La, Raffles, Intercontinental, Samsung, Sega, AD-LABS and more. | 我们创造的的每一个设计体验旨在点燃人们的想象力和并打动人心,给人留下了持久,难忘的印象。在设定高目标的激情带动下,我们创造的爱和关注。在我们超过20年的历史中,雅卓信国际有限公司设计和创建了世界级的旅游景点,酒店和度假村,住宅和综合商业体项目遍布各大洲并与一些世界顶级品牌包括喜来登,费尔蒙,香格里拉,莱佛士,洲际,三星,世嘉, AD- LABS等。

Our services | 我们的服务

Landscape Architecture Design -- Conceptual Architecture Design -- Master Planning -- Theme Development -- Art Consultancy -- Urban Design -- Interior Design -- Environmentally Sustainable Design | 景观设计-建筑概念设计-总体规划-主题公园-艺术咨询-城市设计-室内设计-可持续性环境设计

Proven results | 项目成果

300+ completed projects -- Award winning architectural design firm -- Leading Hong Kong theme park designers -- Innovative experience creators -- Strong focus on environmentally sustainable design | 超过300+已建成的项目-获得建筑设计奖项-是香港主题公园设计的带头设计者-创新体验的创造者-着重环境的可持续设计

Recent Works | 近期作品

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Landscape Architect – Ottawa, Canada

AI Creative/Attractions International is an award-winning design studio with offices in Hong Kong, China, Thailand, and recently in Ottawa. We are looking for a variety of design staff to service our projects in Asia as well as within Canada. We are a diverse team of urban designers, landscape architects, artists, and tourism specialists, focused on

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Giant Panda House Renovation | Ocean Park | Hong Kong 大熊猫馆 | 海洋公园 | 香港

The Giant Panda House is home for not only two giant pandas Yingying and Lele, but also many rare and cute animals such as cuddly red pandas and giant salamander. The Panda House not only provides residence to those precious creatures but also aims at educating visitors about the impact of humans on protected animals

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Samsung Everland | Seoul | Korea 三星爱宝乐园 | 首尔 | 韩国

Samsung Everland is one of the most popular theme park in Korea. To increase the  theme park capacity, Samsung client require more attractions. After site research and discussion, the reconstruction work includes Main entrance, water park entrance building, Indoor Spa, panda building,  4D Theater, and Kids’ rides selection. These new attractions will bring in more

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The Peninsula Beijing Landscape Design | 北京王府半岛酒店景观改造

  AI can approached to help develop a four season garden and to renovate the entire arrival experience for their prestigious guests. This included interiors as well as rooftop gardens. AI为半岛酒店设计了一个四季花园,此次翻新项目为尊贵客人的到来提供了良好的体验。我们的设计包括室内的装饰,以及屋顶花园的设计。

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We work hard to ensure that trust is the foundation in managing our projects and empowering our teams |我们努力工作,以确保信任是管理我们项目的基础,也是管理和激励我们团队的基础