We have a burning desire to create great things


Attractions established in 1993, Attractions International has designed and created world-class attractions, hotels and resorts, residential and mixed-use commercial projects on almost every continent over our 20-year history, with some of the world’s top brands including Sheraton, Fairmont, Shangri-La, Raffles, Intercontinental, Samsung, Sega and AD-LABS. From our original European and Australian bases, our expanding client service now covers locations in Hong Kong, Shenzhen (China), Cebu (Philippines), Chiangmai (Thailand), Mumbai (India).Every experience we create is designed to ignite the imagination and move people emotionally, leaving a long-lasting, unforgettable impression.

We work in partnership with our clients to turn their dreams into highly immersive, playful, beautiful environments that inspire, engage and delight. We work hard to ensure that trust is the foundation in managing our projects and empowering our teams. Front and center in our creative process is a deep understanding of what inspires and delights people, ensuring our creations are ambitious, transformative and unique.

The Attractions Group is a multi-disciplinary team made up of largely international staff, providing design services in the disciplines of master planning, as well as satellite studies in Europe conceptual architecture design, landscape architecture design, interior design, artwork consultancy and full scope design services for hotels and resorts, mixed-use projects, commercial projects, theme parks and water parks, special venues and residential projects.

公司成立于1993年,雅卓信景观设计公司创建世界级的旅游景点,酒店和度假村,几乎涵盖了每个大洲超过20年历史,包括与一些世界顶级品牌包括喜来登,费尔蒙,香格里拉的香格里拉,莱佛士,洲际,三星,世嘉和AD- LABS。从我们原来的欧洲和澳大利亚基地,不断扩大的客户服务已覆盖香港,深圳(中国) ,宿务(菲律宾) ,清迈(泰国) ,孟买(印度)的位置。