Samsung Everland, Seoul 韩国首尔三星爱宝乐园

Samsung Everland, Seoul 韩国首尔三星爱宝乐园

三星爱宝乐园是韩国最著名的公园之一,为了增加园区的容量,三星客户希望我们能策划和设计更多更新的主题设施。经过场地调研和反复讨论,园区的更新扩张部分包括,公园主入口,水上乐园主建筑群,室内水疗馆,熊猫馆,4D影院和儿童游乐场。游乐设施大胆引用欧美市场上最新的主题设施, 打造令人兴奋的游乐天地, 以吸引跟多游人,更促进园区商业发展。

Samsung Everland is one of the most popular theme park in Korea. To increase the  theme park capacity, Samsung client require more attractions. After site research and discussion, the reconstruction work includes Main entrance, water park entrance building, Indoor Spa, panda building,  4D Theater, and Kids’ rides selection. These new attractions will bring in more people and commercial opportunity to the park.

Panda perspective

Turnstile (Combined0entrance