The list bellow is a team or the core of the creative power that helps to inspire our staff. The experience and dedication of the talented directors who works with Attractions for over 20 years is more than a job for them, it became part of their life and the essence of who they are.


Peter Smulders, CEO

Peter Smulders,首席执行官

A proven design leader with over 30 years experience in the Asia-Pacific Region, Peter is a highly experienced, hands-on designer with a diverse background. He holds a Masters in Landscape Architecture and various degrees from Urban Design and Regional Design to years of experience in Architecture and Interiors.

Peter acquired Attractions International from Belt Collins in 2002 after 15 years as Vice President of Belt Collins. As CEO of Attractions International, Peter brings a high degree of design service excellence to the areas of leisure and entertainment, landscape and environment. He is personally involved in all the company’s creative processes and has seen countless projects built, from Hawaii through Asia, Australia and the Middle East.

Peter Smulders先生是一个在亚太地区拥有超过30年经验设计领导者,他经验丰富,亲自参与实践各种项目有着多元背景。他拥有景观设计硕士学位,以及城市设计的学位,并且在建筑及室内方面有丰富的经验。


Adriana Korkos, Senior Creative Director / Strategy Development

Adriana Korkos, 高级创意设计总监/策略发展

Adriana Korkos has studied at Academy of Arts and Architecture in Prague and graduated with honors obtaining Master of Arts Degree at the University of Sydney in 1997 in Australia. After selling her Sydney-based design company, Adriana Korkos moved to Hong Kong.

Adriana Korkos is one of the key creative directors of the company and also an experienced strategy development person for many of the more high profile projects. She is also an active sculptor and installation artist. Many of her influences and creations can be seen in various built projects around Asia and Europe.

Her time is divided between managing creative aspects of Attractions International, while at the same time achieving recognition as an international artist.

 Adriana Korkos女士拥有布拉格和悉尼大学(艺术硕士)的双硕士学位,1997


后,Korkos女士移居香港并与Peter Smulders先生一同创立了雅卓信国际有限