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Brilliant Prospect, Shijiazhuang

| Residential Area

The No. 5 Cotton Textile Factory of Shijiazhuang City was established in the 1950s. As the largest textile industrial base in North China, it has witnessed the miracle of the development of Hebei’s light industry and carried more than half a century of glory. The design concept of the project is to translate the silk brocade weaving concept into a design element on the site. Condensed by the weaving process into simple and atmospheric lines, the weaving patterns are abstract and weaving textures, and the weaving forms are translated into flowing curved surfaces. The metal materials used in the venue are meant to pay tribute to the glorious history of the fifth factory and the textile era Miracle.


China Overseas Property Group


Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China


Residential Area by 2022 (Show Area by 2020)




72695.907 ㎡

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