Dubai Land is a tourism, real estate, hospitality, entertainment, leisure and retail mega project under development in Dubai, United Arad Emirates. The Themed leisure and vacation world, one of its six themed zones, is designed to respond for quality vacation and exotic locale experience. Upon completion it will be the largest collection of theme parks in the world. AI was engaged as part of a consortium to design the recreation aspects of the Dubai land master plan. This study resulted in an overall open space strategy which dealt with the public spaces in between the proposed theme parks.

迪拜公园是一个正在开发中的项目,它集合了阿联酋了旅游,房地产,酒店,娱乐,休闲和零售的大型项目。休闲度假中心,是它的六个主题区之一,旨在为品质度假,体验异国情调。建成后它将成为最大的世界主题公园。 AI被聘任来为迪拜公园的做总体规划的主题乐园娱乐部分。这个项目是一个关于处理公园和公共空间之间关系的开放空间战略研究的产物。


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