Sandalwood Villa Development |Shanghai |China 上海檀宫别墅 | 上海 | 中国

Sandalwood Villa Development |Shanghai |China 上海檀宫别墅 | 上海 | 中国


Sandalwood Villa is a luxury villa estate on the west of Hongqiao Road, Shanghai, modeled on styles of classical architectures in Europe such as the UK, France, Italy, Spain etc. Even the pickiest celebrities will surrender under its classical beauty. Sandalwood also does a perfect job in combining classical aesthetic tastes with practical modern features; doors, windows and appliances compared with old houses built in Shanghai are greatly improved in sense of advanced technology.

檀香别墅位于上海虹桥路,是以西的豪华别墅庄园,仿照了经典的欧洲古典风格,如英国,法国,意大利,西班牙等。即便是最挑剔的人都将在其古典美投降。檀香别墅把古典审美趣味和典型的现代特征融合得很好; 门,窗以及房屋设备和上海的老房子相比,技术上有了极大的进步和提高。