Palm Spring Phase 1- 4, Chongqing 重庆棕榈泉1-4期

Palm Spring Phase 1- 4, Chongqing 重庆棕榈泉1-4期

重庆棕榈泉国际花园位于重庆北部新区,建于2001年, 占地136.6平方公里规划入住人口65万.棕榈泉国际花园的规划人口被授予重庆广厦奖(中国国家顶级优质工程奖) – 由城市建设重庆综合开发( ACDC )协会颁发的生活类房屋金奖;由重庆晚报,重庆晨报主办的第三届年度重庆市著名房地产列表中被授予了城市特约品牌,十大豪宅建筑和十佳物业管理品牌。

Chongqing Palm Springs International Garden is located at the New District of North Chongqing which was built in 2001 with an area of 136.6 square kilometers and a planned population of 650000. Palm Springs International Garden was granted the Chongqing Guangxia Prize (China’s National Top Quality Project Prize) – Living-type Housing Gold Metal by Association of Urban Construction & Comprehensive Development of Chongqing (ACDC); was granted the City Contributing Brand, Top Ten Luxury Buildings, and Top Ten Property Management Brands during the Third Chongqing Yearly Famous Real Estate List hosted by Chongqing Evening News and Chongqing Morning Post.




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