Afrikana Themed BBQ Restaurant | Afrikana 主题烧烤餐厅

Afrikana Themed BBQ Restaurant | Afrikana 主题烧烤餐厅


The Fisherman’s Wharf located on the waterfront of the Outer Harbor is the first theme entertainment and amusement complex in Macau. The Africana BBQ Restaurant, just as the name suggests, is an African themed restaurant which serves a series of specialties from the continent. The whole place is designed in a traditional African style. Dining rooms are replicas of authentic huts, with tribal handcrafts around and dome-shaped thatched roofs above.
渔人码头位于澳门外港海滨的第一个主题的娱乐休闲的地方。Africana BBQ餐厅,顾名思义,是一个非洲主题的餐厅,提供一系列非洲大陆特色菜。整个地方被设计成传统的非洲风格。餐厅是复制的当地真实小屋子,周围用非洲部落的手工艺品装饰和茅草屋顶呈圆顶状。

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