Southport is a suburb and a business district near the midpoint of the Gold Coast, Australia and has one of the city’s largest communities. According to data population of this district had grown from 24,097 to 55,000 during 2006-2010. It used to be the central administrative, business and entertainment district of the Gold Coast, and is now still experiencing an extraordinary growth. The district was landmarked with the Broadwater coast, Australia Fair Shopping Centre and the Southport Gold Coast Library.

南港是黄金海岸郊区,是澳大利亚的中心区域的商业区,是全市最大的社区之一。根据这一地区的人口数据2006 – 2010年期间已经从24097增长到55000。它曾经是黄金海岸中央行政,商业和娱乐区,并且现在仍在经历一个非凡增长的阶段。这个地区是一个地标,集合了布罗德沃特海岸,澳大利亚百货中心和南港黄金海岸图书馆。

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