Situated just under two hours outside the major city of Mumbai, the India Theme Park promises to be a new hub in recreational and leisure activities for tourists and local inhabitants. This large project incorporates many themes in areas such as ‘deep space’ and ‘Ali Baba’, creating fun rides into spacious public areas that are designed for children and parents alike. Part of the development includes a water park where state-of-the art water slides are situated in lush parks and exciting landscape for visitors.

印度主题公园就位于孟买市中心以外的两个小时的地方,成为游客和当地居民娱乐和休闲活动的新枢纽。这个大型项目有许多不同的主题,如“深空”和“阿里巴巴” ,打造有趣的游乐设施成是为了儿童和家长一致好评宽敞的公共区域。其中有一部分是水上公园,这里有最先进的艺术水滑梯,坐落在郁郁葱葱的公园,给游人提供了激动人心的景观。

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