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Attractions International Limited

Mountain River Villas, Nanjing, China

The project integrates modern northern American elements with traditional southern China style, providing green coverage up to 100 m and splendid water scenery for each suite.

Blue Patio, Hangzhou, China

The Blue Patio Project has a total area of 640 acres and a total building area of 660,000 m2. It is divided into Eastern Area of apartment buildings ranging from 8 to 18 floors, and Western Area with Mediterranean villas and townhouses. The project received several awards including National Garden Community of China by Hangzhou Daily and UNEP in 2005, Chinese Real Estate Project with International Influence by academic associations in 2006, Yearly Real Estate Project of China and The Most Prosperous Real Estate Project by various newspapers in 2007.

Sandalwood Villa Development, Shanghai, China

Sandalwood Villa is a luxury villa estate on the west of Hongqiao Road, Shanghai, modeled on styles of classical architectures in Europe such as the UK, France, Italy, Spain etc. Even the pickiest celebrities will surrender under its classical beauty. Sandalwood also does a perfect job in combining classical aesthetic tastes with practical modern features; doors, windows and appliances compared with old houses built in Shanghai are greatly improved in sense of advanced technology.

Palm Spring Phase 1- 4, Chongqing

Palm Spring International Garden is located in the northern new area of Chongqing. It was built in 2001, with an area of 136.6 square kilometers and a planned population of 650,000. Palm Spring International Garde has won the “Chongqing Guangsha Award Residential Gold Award” issued by the “Chongqing Urban Construction Comprehensive Development Association”; in the “Fifth Real Estate Billboard” hosted by the “Chongqing Morning News”, it was awarded “City Contribution Brand”, “Brand Enterprise”, and “Top 10 Brand Property Management” awards.

OCT Portofino 6 Lake Garden Phase 2-16

The OCT Portofino project incorporates the concept of integrating human and nature into its design, and adopted a style which merges traditional Italian way with modern design elements. It received the award of Innovative Real Estate Projects of Chinese Residence by National Construction Department, and was listed as Demonstrative Projects of Low-density Residence of China by National Urban Planning Association in 2003.

Street Residence, Phuket Thailand

The Street Residence defines modern Thai Villa design. Modern, yet adhering to traditional Thai special sequence. Attractions International designed a progression of “rooms” to reveal the ultimate and expansive view over Surin Beach, as a surprise behind several walls and lotus ponds. At the same time solving traffic noise and parking issues.