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Shangri-la’s Rasa Sentosa Resort, Singapore 新加坡香格里拉圣淘沙度假酒店

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香格里拉的历史始于1971年,至今为止旗下已有一系列酒店进驻马尼拉、迪拜、新加坡和泰国等东南亚国家和地区。其品牌以热情好客的态度、奇思妙想的建筑结构和将自然融入酒店设计的技法而闻名。在香格里拉的一系列分店中,瑞莎圣淘沙酒店是新加坡唯一的海滨酒店;丹绒亚路度假酒店则拥有独立的香格裡拉品牌水疗养生会所。该系列度假酒店曾赢得无数奖项,如 《商务旅客》的“亚太地区最佳商务酒店品牌”,亚洲货币旅游奖的“亚洲最佳度假酒店品牌”,以及全球其他对香格裡拉卓越服务及设施的认可等。

The brand of Shangri-La began in 1971 and up till now has a series of hotels and resorts located in the Southeast Asia such as Manila, Dubai, Thailand and Singapore. The brand is famous for its legendary hospitality, inspirational architecture of hotels, and incorporation of natural approach to resort design. Rasa Sentosa Resort, Singapore is the only beachfront resort in Singapore. The series of hotels and resorts have won numerous awards and other global recognition of excellence in both service and facility.

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Intercontinental Resort Bali | Indonesia 巴厘岛洲际度假酒店 | 印度尼西亚

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Secluded within the boundaries of the exclusive neighborhood of Jimbaran Bay on Bali’s Southern coast, Intercontinental Bali Resort covers 14 hectares (35 acres) of tropical landscape. It is designed to provide an excellent tropical holiday experience with extensive services and facilities catered to diverse needs of different types of leisure and business travel. The resort has endless white sandy beach, ornamental ponds, a winding lagoon and aesthetic stonework. It allocates obvious sensitivity towards the surrounding environment and respect for the island’s rich culture, fine artistry and Hindu heritage.



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Raffles Hotel, Singapore 新加坡萊佛士酒店

新加坡莱佛士酒店,于1887年开业,是新加坡最优美的标志性建筑之一。这个传奇的酒店拥有跨度超过125年的传统。在1989年 – 1991年,一期改造工程费用是$ 160万, 把它从二战的破坏修复回来。酒店的悠久历史感的到了很好的维护,很好的展示了它的历史感。无论是商务还是休闲,莱佛士酒店是一个对于一个追求完美高质量生活的你的最佳选择,谁享有优质生活。

Raffles Hotel Singapore, opened in 1887, is one of Singapore’s most graceful landmarks. This legendary hotel celebrates a tradition of excellence spanning more than 125 years. During the year 1989 – 1991, a renovation project was conducted at a cost of S$160 million, to rescue it from the damage of World War II. The sense of long history of the hotel is well maintained, and the charms of past good days fully expressed. Be it business or leisure, the hotel is a perfect choice for one who enjoys a quality life.

Raffles Hotel. Singapore, Asia. (Photo by: Mikel Bilbao/VW PICS/UIG via Getty Images)

Laguna Beach Resort | Phuket | Thailand 布吉拉古纳海滩度假村 | 普吉 | 泰国


This quaint resort provides much privacy with their bungalow style accommodations nestled on the lagoons edge, for a perfect view of Utila’s tropical sunset. The beautiful ocean view restaurant and bar, built from natural woods, continues the resort’s rustic theme that compliments the island ambiance Utila is famous for.


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Sheraton Hotel | Jeddah Saudi Arabia 沙特阿拉伯喜來登酒店

Located on Jeddah’s fashionable and exclusive North Corniche, the Sheraton Jeddah Hotel is equipped with futuristic design, beautiful landscaping, and majestic fountains. Besides wonderful views and elegant decor, It was also a very successful tempt of combining cultural sensitivity and functional requirements during planning and design stage.

沙特阿拉伯的喜來登酒店位於吉達高雅私密的北部海濱,帶有未來感的設計、美麗的景觀和宏偉的噴泉是其亮點。除了美妙的景色和優雅的裝修,這間酒店還是在規劃設計階段便對文化敏感性和功能便利性加以結合的一個成功嘗試。19272_197_z 87887af28b6a213687cb29795c232f5e