Attractions International Limited

The Peninsula Beijing, China

The Peninsula Hotel was developed in 1886. They took inspiration from the extraordinary Chinese architecture, exquisite art and culture to carry out a new renovation. Attractions designed a four-season garden for the Peninsula Hotel. This renovation project aim to provide a excellent living experience for all customers. Our design includes interior decoration and roof garden design.

Misty Lake Resort, Yunnan, China

Awarded best boutique hotel 2014.

The design of Misty Lake Resort was inspired by local rice farmers and the indigenous Wha people and their unique culture for this exceptional hotel.

Thousand Island Zhongan New World Hotel, Hangzhou

The landscape concept is “more nature more sustainable”
Topography also works as base to creates many landscape typologies which will create multiple Japanese Landscape experience-the hilltop as grassland, the hillside as forest, the low land as river side. Hotel and villas will be set at different position and zoning as groups with different landscape theme such as hot spring, zen garden, tea garden, Japanese tree garden.
As hot spring resort, we intend to create more chance for guest to experience hot spring in many different ways. From guest room can approach to surrounding lake.

Auriga Hotel and Spa, Bo Ao

The landscape crafts the luxurious spa experiencing zones to create the natural relaxing environment hub along the beautiful King Bay in Bo Ao.

Tri Viet Hoi An Eco-tourism Resort, Vietnam

The town of Hoi An, which lies on the bank of the Thu Bon River, has been one of the major trading centers of Southeastern Asia since the 16th century. The design of the Resort and its surrounding area retains the ancient charm of wood structure and street appearance, at the same time adding the modern way of living – lush tropical gardens, beach front terraces, as well as advanced residential and commercial facilities compose a brand new Hoi An capable of hosting global guests pursuing an exotic vacation experience.

Diamond Beach Resort, Sanya, China

Diamond Beach is a rare waterfront high hill villa estate with panoramic sea view. Sitting close to national resort spot Haitang Bay and Qingshui Bay, it’s on a peninsula with hills on three side which provides perfect privacy. All villas in the estate have perfect sea view and elegant design combines natural beauty with cultural landscape in a harmonious way.

Grande Island Resort, Philippines

The Grande Island Resort is a unique facility in the beautiful bay at Subic. Attractions International was commissioned by their client to master plan the island and to initiate the vision of a tropical paradise island. The client’s vision of a safe and secluded inland swimming lagoon was implemented, as well as initial direction on the chalet location and style.

Sanya Resort, Sanya

Sanya Resort Villa is a themed villa estate in Sanya, China. It is designed in a simple and elegant Spanish style while at the same time perfectly fits into tropical scenery of Sanya. It is positioned as a low-density international community which hosts a variety of visitors attracted by the unique beauty of Hainan.

Fisherman’s Wharf Phase 2 Planning, Macau

Fisherman’s Wharf is one of Macau’s first family entertainment destinations.When Fisherman’s Wharf Phase 2 required a master plan, Attractions International was short listed as one of the contenders in a design competition. Attractions International won this competition based on the “Istanbul”theme and their innovative layout, including a semi-circular main building with outlying islands surrounding the planned marina. The lush green resort concept provides a relief to the active entertainment precinct nearby.
The Fisherman’s Wharf located on the waterfront of the Outer Harbor is the first theme entertainment and amusement complex in Macau. The Africana BBQ Restaurant, just as the name suggests, is an African themed restaurant which serves a series of specialties from the continent. The whole place is designed in a traditional African style. Dining rooms are replicas of authentic huts, with tribal handcrafts around and dome-shaped thatched roofs above.

Miami Casino, Macau

The Miami Entertainment Centre is designed based on a Miami Hollywood style. It offers a space of 3 floors with a 1930’s décor. The Casino, Flamingo Slots Club, is also one of the only two casinos in the Fisherman’s Wharf area.