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OCT Swan Lake Residential Project | 华侨城天鹅堡居住区项目

The inspiration of landscape design for the Swan Castle project comes from the famous composition ‘Swan Lake’ of Tchaikovsky. It takes a rich classical form, perfectly mixing artistic elements with practical functions. The cascading fountains, resting pools, sculptures and other decorations create a balance for motion and stillness.

景观设计的天鹅堡项目的灵感来自于著名的组成柴可夫斯基的“天鹅湖” 。这需要丰富的古典形式,完美地混合与实用功能的艺术元素。级联喷泉,休息池,雕塑等装饰营造运动和静止的平衡。

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Street Residence | Phuket Thailand Phuket Street 住宅项目 | 泰国

The Street Residence defines modern Thai Villa design. Modern, yet adhering to traditional Thai special sequence. Attractions International designed a progression of “rooms” to reveal the ultimate and expansive view over Surin Beach, as a surprise behind several walls and lotus ponds. At the same time solving traffic noise and parking issues.


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