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Thousand Island Zhongan New World Hotel l Hangzhou | China 千岛湖众安新世界酒店 | 杭州 | 中国


The landscape concept is “more nature more sustainable”

Topography also works as base to creates many landscape typologies which will create multiple Japanese Landscape experience-the hilltop as grassland, the hillside as forest, the low land as river side. Hotel and villas will be set at different position and zoning as groups with different landscape theme such as hot spring, zen garden, tea garden, Japanese tree garden.

As hot spring resort, we intend to create more chance for guest to experience hot spring in many different ways. From guest room can approach to surrounding lake.

This resort could be as an environment which people can experience by not just only vision, but hearing, smell, and touch as well in Japanese style. It is just simple you can hear voice of water, birds, and wind going through bamboo, and can feel hot spring and smell flower as well.


地形作为地基形成多种不同的日式景观体验。山顶为草原,山坡为林,山脚为河。酒店和别墅将以组团的形式设在不同的位置和区域,如温泉区,禅院, 茶园, 日式树林。



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Auriga Hotel and Spa | Bo Ao | Auriga 酒店及水疗 | 博鳌

Auriga is the luxury spa brand of Capella Hotel Group, one of the leading hotel and spa management companies in the world. In order to enhance Auriga spa approach on the cycles o the moon, the landscape crafts the luxurious spa experiencing zones to create the natural relaxing environment hub along the beautiful King Bay in Bo Ao.


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Sino Ocean Cotton 1 B Parcel | Hangzhou | China 远洋大河辰章項目 | 杭州 | 中国

Design of Grand Canal Milestone takes into consideration the local condition and adopts a combination of Chinese and Western styles. It integrates simple and graceful Western classicism together with subtle and elegant Jiangnan mansion stlye, at the same time taking in the surrounding natural beauty, to create a magnificent, unique and elegant property.


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Diamond Beach Resort | Sanya |China | 钻石海滩度假胜地 | 三亚 |中国

Diamond Beach is a rare waterfront high hill villa estate with panoramic seaview. Sitting close to national resort spot Haitang Bay and Qingshui Bay, it’s on a penisula with hills on three side which provides perfect privacy. All villas in the estate have perfect sea view and elegant design combines natural beauty with cultural landscape in a harmonious way.


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Mountain River Villas | Nanjing | China 山河水别墅 | 南京 | 中国

The project integrates modern northern American elements with traditional southern China style, providing green coverage up to 100 m and splendid water scenery for each suite.

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Blue Patio | Hangzhou | China 绿城蓝庭 | 杭州 | 中国

The Blue Patio Project has a total area of 640 acres and a total building area of 660,000 m2. It is divided into Eastern Area of apartment buildings ranging from 8 to 18 floors, and Western Area with Mediterranean villas and townhouses. The project received several awards including National Garden Community of China by Hangzhou Daily and UNEP in 2005, Chinese Real Estate Project with International Influence by academic associations in 2006, Yearly Real Estate Project of China and The Most Prosperous Real Estate Project by various newspapers in 2007.


绿城 · 蓝庭总占地面积640亩,总建筑面积66万平方米,东区为8-18层景观电梯公寓,西区为地中海式庭院洋房及联排别墅区。2005年7月获由杭州日报、联合国环境规划署组织的中国

国家花园社区称号。2006年6月获“2006 ·  中国居住创新典范”之“国际影响力中国名盘”奖项。2007年由多家报刊媒体评选为“2007最值得期待十大新盘”“2007中国(杭州)年度楼盘”等。


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Sandalwood Villa Development |Shanghai |China 上海檀宫别墅 | 上海 | 中国


Sandalwood Villa is a luxury villa estate on the west of Hongqiao Road, Shanghai, modeled on styles of classical architectures in Europe such as the UK, France, Italy, Spain etc. Even the pickiest celebrities will surrender under its classical beauty. Sandalwood also does a perfect job in combining classical aesthetic tastes with practical modern features; doors, windows and appliances compared with old houses built in Shanghai are greatly improved in sense of advanced technology.

檀香别墅位于上海虹桥路,是以西的豪华别墅庄园,仿照了经典的欧洲古典风格,如英国,法国,意大利,西班牙等。即便是最挑剔的人都将在其古典美投降。檀香别墅把古典审美趣味和典型的现代特征融合得很好; 门,窗以及房屋设备和上海的老房子相比,技术上有了极大的进步和提高。

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Palm Spring Phase 1- 4 Chongqing | China 棕榈泉1-4期 | 重庆 | 中国

Chongqing Palm Springs International Garden is located at the New District of North Chongqing which was built in 2001 with an area of 136.6 square kilometers and a planned population of 650000. Palm Springs International Garden was granted the Chongqing Guangxia Prize (China’s National Top Quality Project Prize) – Living-type Housing Gold Metal by Association of Urban Construction & Comprehensive Development of Chongqing (ACDC); was granted the City Contributing Brand, Top Ten Luxury Buildings, and Top Ten Property Management Brands during the Third Chongqing Yearly Famous Real Estate List hosted by Chongqing Evening News and Chongqing Morning Post.


重庆棕榈泉国际花园位于重庆北部新区,建于2001年, 占地136.6平方公里规划入住人口65万.棕榈泉国际花园的规划人口被授予重庆广厦奖(中国国家顶级优质工程奖) – 由城市建设重庆综合开发( ACDC )协会颁发的生活类房屋金奖;由重庆晚报,重庆晨报主办的第三届年度重庆市著名房地产列表中被授予了城市特约品牌,十大豪宅建筑和十佳物业管理品牌。

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Maan Tawan master plan | 马安塔湾总体规划及景观设计

Maan Tawan is a secure and prestigious development of exclusive homes thoughtfully dispersed throughout 2.52 hectares of verdant tropical landscape. This natural paradise of mature trees, native flowering plants and serene water features, incorporating private pools, lotus ponds and sculptures, provides an elegant and private oasis for relaxation and extraordinary everyday living. Launched in 2003, this highly acclaimed contemporary Thai development of just 15 luxury villas, 10 town homes and 5 penthouses next to the Banyan Tree on Bang Tao Beach was 100% sold.

马安塔湾是一个著名的发展项目,有很多独栋房屋分布在占地2.52公顷青翠的热带景观里面。这里是自然的天堂,树木,本土开花植物和宁静的水景,结合私人游泳池,荷花池和雕塑,为住户的日常生活提供了一个优美的私密绿洲的休闲放松的环境。在2003年推出,在Bang Tao 海滩上的15套别具现代的泰式豪华别墅, 10舍镇和5个棚屋紧邻旁边的榕树,全部被100%售出。

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OCT Portofino 6 Lake Garden Phase 2-16 | Shenzhen | China 中国深圳华侨城波托菲诺 · 纯水岸二至十六期

The OCT Portofino project incorporates the concept of integrating human and nature into its design, and adopted a style which merges traditional Italian way with modern design elements. It received the award of Innovative Real Estate Projects of Chinese Residence by National Construction Department, and was listed as Demonstrative Projects of Low-density Residence of China by National Urban Planning Association in 2003.

波托菲诺 · 纯水岸住宅小区(原名栖湖花园),规划设计以人为本,强调人与自然的亲近及保护自然,充分考虑到建筑与自然的完美融合。立面造型以意大利建筑风格融合现代。它获得了由国家建设部颁发的中国住宅创新房地产项目,并于2003年被全国城市规划协会列为中国的低密度住宅示范工程。

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