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Giant Panda House Renovation | Ocean Park | Hong Kong 大熊猫馆 | 海洋公园 | 香港

The Giant Panda House is home for not only two giant pandas Yingying and Lele, but also many rare and cute animals such as cuddly red pandas and giant salamander. The Panda House not only provides residence to those precious creatures but also aims at educating visitors about the impact of humans on protected animals and their fragile habitat.

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Samsung Everland | Seoul | Korea 三星爱宝乐园 | 首尔 | 韩国

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Samsung Everland is one of the most popular theme park in Korea. To increase the  theme park capacity, Samsung client require more attractions. After site research and discussion, the reconstruction work includes Main entrance, water park entrance building, Indoor Spa, panda building,  4D Theater, and Kids’ rides selection. These new attractions will bring in more people and commercial opportunity to the park.

三星爱宝乐园是韩国最著名的公园之一,为了增加园区的容量,三星客户希望我们能策划和设计更多更新的主题设施。经过场地调研和反复讨论,园区的更新扩张部分包括,公园主入口,水上乐园主建筑群,室内水疗馆,熊猫馆,4D影院和儿童游乐场。游乐设施大胆引用欧美市场上最新的主题设施, 打造令人兴奋的游乐天地, 以吸引跟多游人,更促进园区商业发展。


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Adlabs Imagica! Theme Park | ADLABS Imagica! 主题公园 | 印度

Situated just under two hours outside the major city of Mumbai, the India Theme Park promises to be a new hub in recreational and leisure activities for tourists and local inhabitants. This large project incorporates many themes in areas such as ‘deep space’ and ‘Ali Baba’, creating fun rides into spacious public areas that are designed for children and parents alike. Part of the development includes a water park where state-of-the art water slides are situated in lush parks and exciting landscape for visitors.

印度主题公园就位于孟买市中心以外的两个小时的地方,成为游客和当地居民娱乐和休闲活动的新枢纽。这个大型项目有许多不同的主题,如“深空”和“阿里巴巴” ,打造有趣的游乐设施成是为了儿童和家长一致好评宽敞的公共区域。其中有一部分是水上公园,这里有最先进的艺术水滑梯,坐落在郁郁葱葱的公园,给游人提供了激动人心的景观。

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Dubailand Master Planning | 迪拜公园总体规划

Dubai Land is a tourism, real estate, hospitality, entertainment, leisure and retail mega project under development in Dubai, United Arad Emirates. The Themed leisure and vacation world, one of its six themed zones, is designed to respond for quality vacation and exotic locale experience. Upon completion it will be the largest collection of theme parks in the world. AI was engaged as part of a consortium to design the recreation aspects of the Dubai land master plan. This study resulted in an overall open space strategy which dealt with the public spaces in between the proposed theme parks.

迪拜公园是一个正在开发中的项目,它集合了阿联酋了旅游,房地产,酒店,娱乐,休闲和零售的大型项目。休闲度假中心,是它的六个主题区之一,旨在为品质度假,体验异国情调。建成后它将成为最大的世界主题公园。 AI被聘任来为迪拜公园的做总体规划的主题乐园娱乐部分。这个项目是一个关于处理公园和公共空间之间关系的开放空间战略研究的产物。


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Shaoxing Animation Theme Park

Animation Theme Park

Aqua City Ocean Park | HongKong 水游城海洋公园 | 香港

The Aqua City is featured by the magnificent Grand Aquarium. A huge collection of fish and marine life is presented to visitors after entering the Panoramic Ocean Gallery. The area also has themed underwater restaurant, as well as SkyFair which enables you to observe the Park from the clouds amidst a carnival design.

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Ocean Park, Hong Kong

Ocean Park Entrance Plaza | Hongkong 海洋公园入口广场 | 香港

Ocean Park Hong Kong is a marine mammal park, oceanarium, animal theme park and amusement park located in the Southern District of Hong Kong. Since its opening in 1977, it has grown to a size of 870,000 square meters with around 35 attractions and rides. It has won several awards including The World’s Seventh Most Popular Amusement Park, and 33rd Most visited Tourist Attractions in the World by Forbes. In 2012 it was nominated as one of the three Finalists for the World Renowned “Applause Award” by Liseberg Amusement Park.

This new Entrance Plaza was launched in January 2001 together with the redevelopment of the whole Tai Shue Wan area. It replaced the previous main entrance and become the major entrance for the park, as well as the first attraction that comes into view of visitors.




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Funicular Stations Ocean World | Hongkong 海洋公园海洋列车 | 香港

This is a funicular railway system which can transport 5000 passengers between the Summit and the Waterfront in 3 minutes. The ride is themed with multimedia effects to simulate the feeling of travelling in deep sea.


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Sega World Sydney | Australia 世嘉世界室内主题公园 |澳大利亚悉尼

Sega World Sydney was an indoor high-tech amusement park in Sydney, Australia, which opened in March 1997 and operated for almost 4 years. The park had 7 rides in total which utilized the latest technology in multimedia, entertainment and destination attraction design. Many of its themes were based on Sega franchises, and it used to be described by the media as “Australia’s Interactive Disneyland”.


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