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The Shekou Ocean World, Shenzhen

The Shekou Ocean World is a waterfront mixed-use entertainment center built on a Cruise ship. The area combines dining, accommodation, entertainment and retail functions into one mixed-used commercial area. The design of the Plaza incorporates many foreign cultural elements. As a core of the urban complex, the Ocean world will be redeveloped and fully upgraded in the coming few years. The Ocean World Plaza is composed by the Ming Wah Cruise and three other zones. The centre plaza was already re-opened in 2011 with other zones to be developed and open to public in 2012-13.

The Eco-Odyssee Concept

In 1997, Michel Leclair developed the idea of sharing his precious knowledge on the beaver and its habitat following the purchase of his vast property in Wakefield. The concept of the water maze came to him from the beavers that he worked alongside for 35 years; the beaver, upon settling in a habitat, digs a network of underwater canals that are similar to a labyrinth. This network allows it to move around throughout the entire year in order to find food and wood to build dams.

So what does one do with 70 acres of land? Michel did a vast water maze with an interwoven canal system, to allow those who wish to discover in true beaver fashion, the richness of the marsh environment. During your paddle boat journey through the marsh, you will experience the environment from a beaver perspective. In fact, aboard the paddle boat, you will be just above the water surface, which will focus your field of vision to the labyrinths edges, putting you directly in contact with plants and wildlife located there. In addition, thanks to the dams build by beavers, the water level in the maze is controlled. With the table set, all that remained, with the help of family and friends, was to refine the elements that would give birth to the Eco-Odyssée project.

Yangtze Times,Wuhan

Yangtze Times is located in the North Second Ring of the Erqi Waterfront Business District of Wuhan City, close to the Yangtze River. The residential area in the site is close to Yangtze River, which is benefited to become a first class riverfront livable community. The commercial area is located on the main axis formed by the Erqi Commercial District and the planned skyscrpaer Tianji Zhimen. This favors the formation of a characteristic business cluster. Through extracting the elements of Yangtze River, like stream, rocks and fishing boats, we reinterpret them with modern clean design languages and embed them into different parts of the site. The everyday scene of fisherman fishing along the River is embodied. Spatial experiences rooted in Yangtze River aesthetics can be fostered.

Wuhan China Overseas Pine Palace | Show Area

Wuhan China Overseas Pine Palace is located in Jianghan District, adjacent to Wansong Yuan Road. The surrounding traffic is convenient, the living atmosphere and supporting facilities are good, it can be described as the most prosperous place in this city. We considered Wuhan river culture as the design concept, designed waterscape and streamline landscape features, combined with landscape plants, to create a leisurely and beautiful scene between rivers.